About the Film


“In the Sun” is a poignant and inspiring documentary that lets viewers in on the personal skin health journeys of seven subjects from all walks of life bound together by a common experience: their discovery of the long-term effects of living in the sun.

Executive produced by award-winning actress Kerry Washington (“Little Fires Everywhere,” “Scandal,”“Django Unchained”), “In the Sun” follows Dr. Shirley Chi, a dermatologist on a mission to educate and treat patients while balancing how to protect her own children from the sun.

From Neutrogena Studios, a division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., “In the Sun” was directed by Kristelle Laroche and Bobby Moser with a clear mission: to use others’ life lessons to educate generations on tanning culture, beauty standards and staying safe in the sun.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington, a brand ambassador and creative consultant for Neutrogena® since 2014, has always been a sun safety advocate. As the Executive Producer of the film, Kerry believes in utilizing the power of story to educate and motivate people to take action when it comes to their skin health.

Film Subjects

Dr. Shirley

The film’s protagonist, a dermatologist and a mother. As the thread that pulls together all of the characters’ stories and experiences, she provides a voice of reason and expert perspective on skin health.


A military wife who shows soldier-like strength as she perseveres in her treatment to fight melanoma.


A natural storyteller and teacher, Stu is a ray of sunshine who shows us how to stay positive and ambitious in the face of adversity.

Monique’s Family

Monique will make you smile as she shares her journey as a child, how her mom helped her through it all and why it motivates both of them to keep their family safe.


Sissy’s story paints the picture of a young girl experiencing pressure to maintain beauty standards and look tan, despite the risks.

Lucy’s Family

Lucy lets us in on what we should know about the sun’s impact on different skin tones. Her family’s story sheds light on how misconceptions about sunscreen can start at a young age.

Moser Family

Look into the eyes of the Mosers as they live their lives after loss and learn why the lasting love for their son David inspires them to share their story to educate on the dangers of sun damage.


Simpson Street
Melanoma Research Foundation
American Academy of Dermatology
Neutrogena Studios, a division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Take Action

Discover simple steps that can help you stay safe in the sun and opportunities to make a difference in your own community.

Sun Safety 101

Uncover the truth about the
sun’s power and impact.